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Inside D’Vine by 9701 – Black Owned Restaurant in Miami

Who the hell said the Miami area doesn’t have any good Black-owned restaurants? Just like the Devil, they are a damn liar. Miami is experiencing a Black food renaissance in areas where historically there have been few, if any, options for dining. Black culinary sophistication is at the heart of the eateries on this list. Black Chefs are returning to Miami-Dade and Broward making their marks at these hidden gems. Thankfully, they won’t be hidden for long, because the food, service, and ambiance of each one is simply outstanding.  The restaurants on this list are full-service restaurants featuring bar service, wait staff, and superior customer service. Rankings are based on a series of measurements inclusive of service, food source, taste, ambiance, logistical ease and environment. Our team has eaten at over 130 restaurants throughout the nation in 2017, and in the Miami area, these are our top 10! Find these and other great spots at www.thehungryblackman.com. All Photo credits are by Korey Davis, The Hungry Black Man Media Director. Please reach out to him for your photography needs at Korey.nlpg@gmail.com or @kdavisphotog.

best engagment picture
The Hungry Black Man Monthly Dinner Party Featuring Chef Shawn Williams of Magic Soul Food in Pembroke Pines! 2017 was a great year!

1. Swirl Wine Bistro – 1435 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33063, Phone: (954) 458-5407

Someone needs to deal with Chef Judith Able, because her ass is completely out of control. How the hell am I going to afford that new iPhone if she keeps cooking and carrying on like this? Her newly opened concept, Swirl Wine Bistro has taken fusion to a whole new level!  This place has one of the best sliders in the nation! Goddamitt, I know what I said, the f#cking nation! Yes, Yes, Yes,–the Smoked Brisket or Aged Beef or Crab sliders are the best in the Country ($13.99). Chef has some notable mentions in her Snapper Escoveitch ($18.99) served with Cassava cake, pickled vegetable, mango drizzle $18.99 and for your vegetarian folk please don’t sleep on the Vegetarian Tart – Wild forest mushrooms and goat cheese mouse, that thing is amazing. Finally, the Oxtail Ravioli is legendary. Also, yeah, it’s outside of Miami proper, but still in the vicinity. But a better question is, what are you going to do about it? Exactly. Just keep reading.

Swirl Wine Bistro Cover
From left to right, Mr. Able, Chef Judith Able, and The Hungry Black Man
Swirl Wine Bistro Snapper
Snapper Escoveitch @ Swirl Wine Bistro
Vegie Tart Swirl Wine Bistro
Vegetarian Tart @ Swirl Wine Bistro
Swirl Wine Bistro Oxtail Pasta
Oxtail Ravioli @ Swirl Wine Bistro
Smoked Brisket Sliders @ Swirl Wine Bistro

2. D’vine by 9701 – 9125 NW 22nd Avenue Miami, FL 33147, Phone: (786) 366-9075

Chef Ingrid Bayoro brings a trio of culinary culture to this West Little River restaurant with African-American, Ivory Coast, and Haitian food pathways creating a deliciously unique fusion. My favorite dish here would be her unique and incomparable Griot Plantain Sandwich ($10.00). You can get the sandwich with seafood or make it completely vegan! (These vegans in 2017 were aggravating as hell, but we love them anyway.) The fired Snapper is another amazing entrée as well. Wash it all down with a glass of their homemade Haitian lemonade! Jesus took the wheel on this one! Well, not all the way, because I requested a shot of Remy Martin VSOP in mine, but hey, keep it virgin if you like! Oh, and Chef Ingrid quite possibly has the best Djon Djon rice outside of Haiti.

irma dinner party 5
From Right to Left – Chef and Owner of D’Vine by 9701 Chef Ingrid Bayoro, The Hungry Black Man and Chef Robinson Josephs
D'vine Plantain Sandwich
D’vine by 9701 Plantain Sandwich @ D’vine by 9701
D'vine Fried Snapper
 Whole Fried Snapper @ D’vine by 9701

3. Southern Spice – 1920 Tyler Street Hollywood, FL 33020, Phone: (954) 674-2919

Chef Malcolm Prude infuses the sophistication of over 300 years of African-American cuisine into this Hollywood eatery. Southern Spice uses the freshest ingredients, free of hormones and other deadly sh@t through sourcing organic and cage free chicken, grass fed beef and wild caught fish.  Owner Natasha Gonzales embraces her African-American and Trinidadian heritage with a menu that takes soul food for a wild ride! My favorite entrée is the Chili Rubbed Pork Chop ($23), severed with smashed baby potatoes, cauliflower, gremolata, and a red wine jus. Don’t forget to try the Fried Bologna Sandwich, Crispy Pig Ears, and of course the collard green and cornbread bowl! Also, yeah, it’s outside of Miami proper, but still in the vicinity. Again, what are you going to do about it?

Southern Spice Table
Southern Spice African-American Table
Pork Chops Southern Spice
Chili Rubbed Pork Chop @ Southern Spice
Southern Spice Cornbread

4. Zest Miami – Southeast Financial Center, 200 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33131, Phone: (305) 374-9378

Owner Delius Shirley know good and well that this food should be illegal and categorized as a controlled substance. He has truly outdone himself with this beautiful downtown Miami gem. The legendary Chef Cindy Hutson has created a menu that captures Miami’s diversity with a Caribbean inspired menu boasting flavors that will have you weak in the knees! My favorite was the Jerk Chicken Pappardelle ($21), served with a house made jerk marinade, vine ripe tomatoes, scallion creamy corn polenta, sautéed baby arugula and tossed in an aromatic spiced piquant brown stew gravy.  Notable mention goes to the Curry Jerk Chicken Wings. All I can say about the wings is LORD HAVE MERCY!

Cover Photo Zest Miami
From left to right, The Hungry Black Man, Owner Delius Shirley, and General Manager Reggie
Zest Chicken
Jerk Chicken Pappardelle @ Zest Miami

5. Uber Wings – 9570 SW 160th St, Miami, FL 33157, Phone: (786) 701-3377

Husband and wife duo, Kristy and Chef Rashid Ibrahim have given South Dade a long overdue sit down black owned eatery with healthy and delicious options topped with impeccable customer service and speediness. Chef Rashid is serious about providing fine dining style cuisine with his secret menu. My favorite entrée was their Rosemary Marinated Lamb Chops with a balsamic and olive oil drizzle and the nostalgic Grilled Cheese Waffle Croissant ($9.79), comprised of Havarti cheese, caramelized onions, fresh tomato and a turkey bacon with just the right amount of salt. It is served with a bowl of tomato basil soup made in-house. So, if you find yourself trekking to South Dade or passing through for whatever reason, you have an amazing eatery that is worth the drive.

Uber WIngs
From left to right, Chef Rashid Ibrahim, Kristy Ibrahim, and The Hungry Black Man
uber lamb chops
Rosemary Marinated Lamb Chops – Uber Wings
uber wings waffles
Grilled Cheese Waffle Croissant – Uber Wings

6. KC Healthy Cooking – 11900 Biscayne Blvd #103, North Miami, FL 33181, Phone: (786) 502-4193

So, the chef here is literally a wizard off Harry Potter, because there is no other way to explain how he got healthy and vegan food to taste this damn good. Located across the street from North Miami’s Whole Foods, Chef Jerry Dominque is not afraid to compete with their hot bar, and he is winning! With over 25 years of culinary experience, it’s no wonder I went into a 30-minute food coma after dining at this astonishing hidden gem.  Everything on the menu is healthy, but you wouldn’t know it by the naughty tasting entrees, including my favorite dish, the Double Portobello Black Beans Burger ($16.95), served with lettuce, tomato, avocado and a house made basil pesto. Why the hell did Jerry do this? I have been addicted to this burger going on 4 months now. The deliciousness didn’t stop there, he takes Haitian staples and turns them into super healthy entrees including his Djon Djon rice, Seda Cupcake, and Vegan Legume.

Cover Photo Haitian Table
The Hungry Black Man and Chef Jerry Dominique of KC Healthy Cooking
mushroom burger 2
Double Portobello Black Bean Burger – KC Healthy Cooking
Haitian Table
KC Healthy Cooking Haitian and African-American Table
quinoa cupcake
Seda Cupcake – KC Healthy Cooking

7. House of Mac – 56 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127, Phone: (305) 903-2534 

Renaissance man Derrick Turton (Chef Teach) went from music mogul to amazing chef after a stint in culinary school which assisted him in bringing us the deliciousness that is World Famous House of Mac. Located in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, Chef Teach opened his food truck serving up delicious comfort food to it’s maximum level. My favorite here would be the succulent jerk salmon pasta, Chicken Parmesan Mac and Cheese ($14), and the Seafood Mac. This is truly a spot to come eat, drink and have an amazing time right in the heart of Wynwood.

Seafood Mac @ House of Mac
Chicken Parm House of Mac
Parmasean Mac @ House of Mac

8. Little Greenhouse Grill – 1300 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33136, Phone: (786) 277-3582

Chef Karim Bryant and his business partner Nicole Gates, created the best restaurant in Overtown this year with my favorite dish, the Half BBQ Chicken ($14) with a side of turkey flavored collard greens, grandmamma approved mac and cheese, and cabbage that goes so quickly you need to get there when it opens if you want any. Honorable mention goes to the Dream Fire Shrimp and the Smoked BBQ Chicken Wings. Make sure you ask for Nicole! She’s the best. Look for big things from Lil Greenhouse in the coming year. Oh, and try their wine cocktails. Incredible.

cover photo
From left to right, The Hungry Black Man and Chef Karim Bryant
1:2 chicken
Half BBQ Chicken @ lil Greenhouse Grill
mac and cheese
Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese, and Potato Salad @ lil Greenhouse Grill

9. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant – 19934 NW Second Ave., Miami Gardens, FL Phone: (305) 770-5100

Chef Eka Wassel and her husband Fouad, opened this beautifully decorated eatery for the perfect date night! Armed with an exciting coffee ceremony experience and a cuisine packed with exotic and unique flavors from the horn of Africa, there is little not to like about this place. My favorite entrée is the Ethiopian fried fish along with the beef or lentil sambusa ($5). If you’re visiting for the first time, you would want to order the Taste of Awash ($24.99), which gives you a sample of almost everything on the menu. Oh, and don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of their Ethiopian Honey Wine, which has a 2,000-year-old history including being a favorite of King David himself!

Ethiopian cover Pciture
From left to right, The Hungry Black Man, Chef Eka Wassel, Fouad Wassel
Ethiopina Samosa
Beef and Lentil Sambusa @ Awash Ethiopian
Ethiopian Combination Platter
Taste of Awash @ Awash Ethiopian
Ethiopian Honey Wine
Ethiopian Honey Wine @ Awash Ethiopian

10. Empty Plates -LOCATION CLOSED 

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Written by thehungryblackman

Starex Smith is an accomplished and experienced public administrator, fundraiser, foodie, and culinary business developer who has committed himself to maximizing the Black experience in the United States! He currently serves as Vice President of Strategy and Development for Black Tech Week with over twelve (12) years of experience in managing public/private partnerships, large scale events, and nonprofits. He has successfully raised over 20 million dollars in funding for various governmental entities, food companies, and individuals. Starex has assisted countless food industry businesses successfully obtain funding, taking mom and pop storefronts to scalable businesses. His success in working with restaurants sparked a passion for food and entrepreneurship which led to the launching of Sothern Bytes, a teaching platform food business dedicated to an ever evolving food industry with a focus on technology, culture and innovation. Having constantly run into stereotyping negatively affecting his dining and vacationing experiences, Starex decided to curate great destinations, restaurants, and discuss issues surrounding being a hungry Black man. Starex completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s coursework in Public Administration at Florida International University where he served as president of the Black Student Union and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, Lambda Tau Chapter


  1. Hello! Thank you kindly for allowing me a “Hungry Blackman Experience” in 2018. Thanks to “Facebook”, “Pam Restoratorive Mair”, advertised your website with her family and friends eating at one great locations. 2018 here I come to experience great fine gourmet food from my culture with fine dining experience!! Yeaaaa! Finally!!


  2. Thank you for sharing this list of fine black owned restaurants in South Florida. Not mentioned on your list is Ivan’s Cookhouse located at 14815 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181.


  3. Don’t forget to include your columns in The Miami Times….that is how I started following you…and Thank You, for putting Black Miami Eateries on the map, love it…❤


  4. Thank you very much. Awesome work featuring UPSCALE black owned restaurants and cafes Absolutely!! VAST FUSION culinary ART WORk by our people. We need you HUNGRY BLACK. MAN to put us back on the MAP where we so rightfully belong. We are TRULY KINGS AND QUEENS


  5. Love this thank you for sharing, I will definitely check these places out. You should definitely look in to Le Lambi Miami, in Kendall 13720 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186 amazing Haitian Cuisine and great service.


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